What you need to know about pet insurance

As pets age, they become more prone to expensive accidents and illnesses.  Protect your pet now with an insurance plan and never worry about how a costly veterinary procedure will affect your wallet.   Many insurance plans provide lifelong coverage for allergies, broken bones, genetic and hereditary conditions, costly ER visits, cancer, and a lot more.  

We accept pet insurance from any carrier and encourage pet owners to shop around to find the best fit for them. For more information on pet insurance, read “Bindi’s Story” below which includes a link to the insurance carrier with whom we are most familiar.   Pet insurance works a little like car insurance.  You must purchase insurance before your pet has an adverse event.  We recommend purchasing pet insurance as a puppy or kitten to avoid any “pre-existing conditions” that may not be covered in the future.  Ask your pet insurance company how pre-existing conditions are handled.  Pet insurance can be used at any veterinary office, referral or specialist!  Many times, medications including allergy medications or insulin are covered.  With certain plans, even heartworm and flea preventatives are covered!

As with any product, there are lots of options.  We urge you to spend a little time researching the various plans and options. If you have questions, we can help you select the right plan for pet and budget.

Bindi’s Story

Read about how Bindi stays protected through Embrace pet insurance!

Our recommendation for pet insurance is strong and we needn’t look any further than one of our own for reasons why!  

Earlier this year, Vicki (Pet Stylist) added a Great Dane puppy to her family.  Thankfully, she purchased pet insurance for Bindi at an early age (about 8 weeks) before any pre-existing conditions were present.  One bout with diarrhea, a case of kennel cough and an unexpected visit to the emergency hospital later and Bindi’s insurance policy is already paying for itself!  

Vicki chose the EMBRACE program because “you can customize your policy based on the amount of yearly coverage, the amount of your deductible and the reimbursement portion.”  She chose the option that provides her with 80% reimbursement for all injury/illness cases once the deductible has been met. “You want to submit records even for wellness care since these can be used as proof your pet was vaccinated against commonly transmitted disease.  And claims are processed within 10-15 days,” she says.

Bindi’s policy provides her with up to $10,000 of coverage per year.  

Budgeted care for bi-yearly check-ups is a given.  It’s the unexpected emergency care that’s so costly.

Quotes can be easily obtained online at EmbracePetInsurance.com or right over the phone!