COVID-19 Update

Effective Friday, July 17th, we are reverting to curbside service for all appointment types. Even though restrictions may be lifted elsewhere, we tried allowing clients into the building and have unfortunately experienced too much non-compliance with the use of face masks. Curbside service will continue until further notice to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to protect our employees and the families they go home to.


We will examine your pet inside the building while you wait in your vehicle and the Doctor will consult with you personally during the exam. We certainly respect your decision to cancel or postpone your pet’s appointment if you do not wish to have your pet examined in this manner. As much as we’d love to see you, this seems a small price to pay in order to remain open and available to care for your pet.


Please be advised, medical appointments are booked out for two weeks. If your pet has an urgent issue, we will do our best to get you in sooner, however we may not be able to fit in multiple emergencies depending on the day’s current schedule.


Appointment/medication pick-up procedure is as follows:


  1. We are choosing to offer “curb-side” service ONLY for all appointments until further notice and public entry will not be permitted.  Clients will only be allowed into the building for euthanasia appointments, in which case a face mask and temperature check are required.  We have decided that this is the safest decision for our clients and staff members. Our staff will be wearing masks when we approach your vehicle. We would appreciate if clients would wear a mask as well.
  2. All pets must be on a leash or in a carrier to minimize contact.  For canine patients, we will come out to your vehicle with our own leash.  For feline patients, please sterilize your pet’s carrier before the appointment.
  3. Stay in your car and call 616-531-7387 to notify us of your arrival for your pet’s appointment or to pick-up food or medication.
  4. A staff member will speak with you by phone to apply a credit card payment.
  5. ATTENTION:  If you are sick in any way, are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, or if you have been exposed to another person that is infected, please cancel your pet’s appointment.  

We appreciate those who have been patient with us while we work to provide care for your fur family!

We will gladly deliver food and prescriptions to your vehicle, or mail prescription refills to you. You can call directly for prescription refills at 616-531-1717

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At Animal Medical Center of Wyoming, we are passionate about providing the best quality care and treatment for animals.  We deliver individualized, expert care to each patient based on their unique needs and lifestyle.  Our team of highly skilled professionals provides compassionate care to enhance the human-animal bond, no matter the life-stage.  This standard of excellence is known as AAHA-accreditation, and we’re proud to have been recognized with this distinction for over 30 years.

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Always a good experience friendly people and doctors, I can’t imagine going anywhere else !!
David S.

The staff at AMC know and love our dogs almost as much as we do! Our boys go to daycare there sometimes and they absolutely love it. We hadn’t been in a while and when we were in for routine care, the dogs got to see one of the pet care staff. They were so excited just to see her! They were jumping up and down and kissing her and were obviously thrilled just to see her. They couldn’t stay but got some love and a treat or two and left satisfied. The dogs know great service and great people when they see them!
Diane S.

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