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AAHA accredited

Only 15% of veterinary clinics are AAHA-accredited. We’ve been for almost 40 years.

We're Cat Friendly

Cats get special treatment in our dedicated cat rooms. We are the Gold Standard of Cat Friendly practice

Best Care for your Best Friend

Life-long care for dogs, cats, and exotic pets

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At Animal Medical Center of Wyoming, we are passionate about providing the best quality care and treatment for pets. We deliver individualized, expert care to each patient based on their unique needs and lifestyle. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides compassionate care to enhance the human-animal bond, no matter the life-stage. This standard of excellence is known as AAHA-accreditation, and we’re proud to have been recognized with this distinction for almost 40 years.

What our clients have to say...

We love hearing from our clients and encourage them to share their experience.

Always a good experience friendly people and doctors, I can’t imagine going anywhere else !!
David S.

The staff at AMC know and love our dogs almost as much as we do! Our boys go to daycare there sometimes and they absolutely love it. We hadn’t been in a while and when we were in for routine care, the dogs got to see one of the pet care staff. They were so excited just to see her! They were jumping up and down and kissing her and were obviously thrilled just to see her. They couldn’t stay but got some love and a treat or two and left satisfied. The dogs know great service and great people when they see them!
Diane S.

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