It’s good to be prepared, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s why we recommend exploring the option of Care Credit  before an emergency strikes. The last thing anyone wants to think about when they’re stressed out about their pet’s well-being is how they’re going to pay for treatment. Dogs and cats age far more quickly than we do, with some breeds considered middle-aged by their 4th birthday. With age comes diseases that can advance quickly, so they require more regular monitoring. Chronic diseases may require frequent visits to see the vet. Treatment for an advanced pet illness can become very expensive, very quickly.

Preventive medicine keeps your mind at ease and your pet healthcare budget intact. Investing in twice-yearly wellness exams is an affordable way to ensure that your pets will be with you for years to come. Care Credit offers six months to pay off a bill with no interest accrued on services over $200. That means for a routine dental cleaning, you can spread cost out into six easy payments.

Applying from your smartphone or PC is easy and takes just minutes. Once approved, you can use your card immediately with no waiting period.  Many human doctor and dentist offices also accept Care Credit, making it useful for you too. Don’t put off necessary treatments or medication because of cost. Ask about Care Credit!